This unique soccer skills competition and event offers a fun and engaging opportunity for players of all ages (including adults!) to test their skills and compete in several fun challenges.


Race against the clock as you blaze through the slalom course! Each participant gets two attempts at dribbling through the course as the stopwatch ticks. Your best time is recorded in tenths of a second.  Faster is better, but you have to keep control! Don’t miss a cone or your score doesn’t count.    

Scoring.   Fastest time wins.  Your best time of two attempts is scored.  Player must make all cones.   A player can go back and make up a cone but missing a cone without making it up results in a disallowed time.  


Launch a shot at the target to score big points! 

Each participant attempts five shots from either 8 or 12 yards from goal (depending on age). Each shot is taken on a regulation-sized goal with a target net that designates point totals for each zone. Pick the easy shot for the sure points, or try and hit the upper 90 for a big payoff! 

Scoring:   Each player takes Five (5) shots on goal.   Goal has a net with shot pockets. Players can choose where to shoot to maximize points.  

Points are awarded as follows: 

On goal:  5 points. (shot is placed on goal but doesn’t make a pocket)

Lower Corner: 15 points 

Center Pocket:  20 points 

Upper 90:  30 points 


Nail a pass through the tightest zone for accuracy! 

Each player attempts four total passes each from ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty yard distances, through a designated zone or small sided goal.  Each goal is worth a different amount of points. The farther away the zone, the more points it is worth.  Note: Younger ages may have varied distances to enhance the experience for young players.  

Scoring: Points are awarded as follows.

 10 yards:  5 points

15 yards:  10 points

20 yards:  15 points

30 yards:  25 points 

How the Soccer Skills Competition Is Scored

The Competition emphasizes the three most important fundamental skills of soccer: dribbling, passing and shooting. Participants go through a series of three drills in an attempt to achieve the highest score in each event.   

Each skills category will award winners in each age group for dribbling, passing and shooting.  

How does the team entry work?

You can register as a team for a discounted rate! Click on the Register as a Team graphic and bring the whole crew in for a friendly competition!

2024 Spring Soccer Skills Challenge


May 25, 2024 @ Kansas City Invitational

  • Location:  Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex
  • Ages: 5 and older
  • Registration:  $20 includes all three skills competitions
  • Scoring is based on accuracy, speed and touches with points earned at each activity.
  • Event Time:  The Challenge runs from 10 am to 5 pm.   Come any time between 10 am and 5 pm and give it your best shot!
  • Awards for top players in boys and girls divisions. U6-U19 and Adult divisions.  Age as of event day. Awards for all divisions will be available following tabulation.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Registered but can’t make the Skills Challenge Event? No problem. If you are unable to attend your Skills Challenge, tickets are valid for up to one year from the date of purchase and can be used at any future event. Simply come to an event with your original ticket and you can compete. There are no cash refunds.

Compete for fun.  Compete Against Yourself.  Compete Against Your Friends.